Forum Title: Busted a Rep and Retailer
Laminate install for a resi. Laminate corners for Tarkett were lifting and delaminated. Rep took some out and said topical. Retailer said it was moisture from underneath. Newer manufactured home with cover underneath. Installed over vinyl with a closed cell foam. Installation is rotating lock. I called it installation. The guy was installing it like a UNICLIC. Home owner called me for replacement because no one will talk to him since they think it is site related. I'm gonna write a report, Hopefully the guy who used his tax returns to buy this flooring will get it fixed by someone. Still will be a battle for him. How can a rep go out and be unbiased when looking at a flooring failure? Answer, they can't. The floor is pristine and no swollen seams. Just F'd up corners. Obviously the guy shaved off the lip when installing it incorrectly. Plus he went back and repaired it in one area. Did not rotate the entire row per consumer.. Had the issue from day one. Installer left town.
Category: Flooring Post By: BETTY K (Boston, MA), 03/11/2019

Its funny you just posted this. I just finished up my cfi certification again and we were talking about this same thing. Installing laminate is easy, just read that damn instruction sheet, lol. The company tells you exactly how they want their products installed. Its not brain surgery.

- ALAN POWELL (Danbury, CT), 04/27/2019

CFI - Certified Floorcovering Installer

- Jim Martin (Tulsa, OK), 03/31/2019

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