Forum Title: Laminate Floor is Buckled, Normal?
Hi Everyone! The contractor that installed our 1000 sq' of laminate floors said it's normal for the floor to lift approximately 2 in some areas (6 areas) and will settle in time and he absolutely refuses to fix and walked off the job. I know this is completely untrue and the problem is spreading throughout our entire finished basement because the floor is flush against the wall and is unable able to breathe with the warm temperatures approaching. I would greatly like to hear what others have to say! Thankfully, the contractor is coming back and said he'll do whatever it takes to make the job right. Thanks Everyone!
Category: Flooring Post By: CARL P (Mesa, AZ), 02/07/2019

I see this all the time Steven. These remodel/contractors just see dollar signs and want a piece of the action for everything on the face of the earth without knowing what ther heck their doing. Sub it out to the most ignorant lowballer out there and then hope it holds untill the check is cashed. I am wondering what underlayment was used since this is a basement, correct? If the wrong underlayment was used and no moisture tests on slab (rh and temp in the correct zone) performed you may have to take it all up and start over again, no corrections may be possible.

- HARRY HOWARD (Tempe, AZ), 05/24/2019

Unfortunately, I don?t remember the name of the underlayment that was used but was most definitely intended for a concrete floor. Thank goodness, the floors are only coming up where joining up against walls and columns so I feel once the laminate is cut to allow for expansion everything will be okay. Being a roofing contractor for 40 years, I perfectly understand how many business owners will sell a job and get the lowest price possible from a subcontractor hoping that everything will be okay in the future without once checking up on them to make sure everything is being done correctly.

- JAMES SMITH (League City, TX), 04/03/2019

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